The 1st Latin American Meeting on Sustainable Mobility was held in Mexico City on May 8 and 9, 2018 and had the active collaboration of organizations such as the UN Environment, the World Bank or Proméxico, as well as relevant entities of FIA Region IV, CFE, Bloomberg, Forbes or Aeromexico among others. In addition to a large international presence with representatives of more than 25 countries present, the exhibition space, the interactive networking application and the award for Innovative Start Ups were among the main novelties of the 2018 Latam Mobility Summit.


The Latam Mobility Summit is configured as a disruptive encounter in the urban reality of Latin America, with the aim of designing a solid strategy to improve the quality of life of an increasingly numerous urban population that faces serious mobility problems.


The event counted with more than 100 local and international panelists of the highest level, of the main entities and public and private organizations at an international level.


Every day there are more companies and international organizations that are committed to sustainable mobility and innovation, proof of this is the varied profile of those attending our activities in which the main executives of the leading organizations at regional and international level meet. such as Waze, Bloomberg NEF, The Carbon Trust, Inter-American Dialogue, Invest in Latam, Masschallenge or Econduce among others.


speakers_0013_Capa 10

Roberto Fernandez del Castillo

National Operations Director

Uber Mexico

speakers_0003_Capa 20

Mónica Araya

Founder & Director

Costa Rica Limpia

speakers_0020_Capa 3

Simone Tripepi

Country Manager

Enel X - Chile

speakers_0001_Capa 22

Stephan de Penasse

Latin America Sales Director


speakers_0014_Capa 9

Javier García Gonzalez

Chief Business Development Officer

Mex Rent a Car

speakers_0018_Capa 2

Jorge Tomasi


FIA Region IV

speakers_0011_Capa 12

Jorge Martínez

Executive President


speakers_0016_Capa 4

Ignacio Perez Ruiz

Chief Operating Officer

OHL Concesiones Mexico

speakers_0018_Capa 5

Leandro Perillo

Mobility and Public Policies Manager

FIA Region IV (Latam)

speakers_0017_Capa 6

Armando Flores

VP Marketing

Element Fleet Management

speakers_0016_Capa 7

Juan Farias Negretti

VP & General Manager Mexico


speakers_0009_Capa 11

Roberto Miramontes

Operations Director

Easy Taxi

speakers_0015_Capa 8

Javier Amozurrutia

Innovation Director

ALD Automotive

speakers_0010_Capa 13

Nabil Malouli

Vice President

DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

speakers_0005_Capa 18

Ariana Gomez

City Development Director


speakers_0009_Capa 14

Pablo Martínez González

Director de Customer Solutions


speakers_0004_Capa 19

Ana Sofia Sánchez Juarez

Managing Director

Google Waze

speakers_0012_Capa 11

Juan de Dios Hermosin Ramos

Chief Executive Officer

Actica Sistemas

speakers_0021_Capa 2

Jorge Suarez

Electromobility Advisor

Volvo Bus

speakers_0008_Capa 15

Arturo Garcia Velasco

B2B2C Marketing

Product & Innovation Payments, Mobility, Financial Solutions - Edenred

speakers_0022_Capa 1

José Abed



speakers_0002_Capa 21

Sergio Rodrigo Rosas Osuna

Director Comercial


speakers_0019_Capa 1

Maru Escobedo

Director Sales and Operations

BMW Group Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean

speakers_0019_Capa 4

Eduardo Alcántara

General Manager Mexico


speakers_0010_Capa 10

Ricardo Martinez



speakers_0011_Capa 9

Francisco Fuentes

VP Business Development


speakers_0000_Capa 23

Laura Ballesteros

Policy and Regulation Mobility Expert

Former Head of the New Mobility Model of Mexico City.

speakers_0017_Capa 3

Abel Lopez Dodero

Urban Transport Specialist

The World Bank

speakers_0007_Capa 16

Ana Angel

Clean Energy & Transport Consultant


speakers_0015_Capa 5

Justin Dawe



speakers_0006_Capa 17

Lada Strelnikova

Investment Advisor

European Energy Efficiency Fund

speakers_0014_Capa 6

Bjorn Utgard

Director New Markets

EV Box- Netherlands

speakers_0013_Capa 7

Emilio Bunel

VP Innovation

SQM – Chile

speakers_0012_Capa 8

Josué Hernandez Tapia

Founder & CEO


speakers_0008_Capa 12

Ricardo Weder



speakers_0007_Capa 13

Rodrigo Lecuona

Mexico Country Manager


speakers_0006_Capa 14

Leonardo Beltrán

Deputy Secretary of Energy Planning and Transition


speakers_0005_Capa 15

Rodrigo Fernandez


Kinetech Power Systems – Mexico

speakers_0004_Capa 16

Adam Leishman

CEO and Co- Founder

Tower Transit Group

speakers_0003_Capa 17

Eduardo Porta

Co Founder & COO


speakers_0002_Capa 18

Arturo Herrero


Alterbike SL

speakers_0000_Capa 20

Ivan Islas

Senior Manager

Carbon Trust Mexico

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