Geotab, Optibus and ALD Automotive will discuss about innovation on Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

While the number of companies using telematics as a fleet management tool is increasing every day, there are still several aspects to be explored in this field. The timely maintenance of the units, for example, is one of the needs to be addressed to accentuate the transition of the sector.

The Covid-19 pandemic has marked a turning point regarding the ways in which people move from one place to another, whether by cab or public transport. This factor has been widely studied by software companies to implement improvements in terms of Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Given both scenarios, a group of large software companies using telematics to promote a more sustainable mobility through management that enables the correct inclusion of electric vehicles in fleets, will have an appointment at the 10th Latin American Summit on Sustainable Mobility, hosted by Latam Mobility.

Geotab, Optibus and ALD Automotive Chile will be some of the companies that, through their main representatives, will trace the route of the sector aimed to have a significant growth in Latin America.

The VP sales LATAM of Geotab, Juan Cardona; the Regional Director South Cone of Optibus, Alvaro Iriarte, and the General Manager of ALD Automotive Chile, Julien Bourdonnec, are some of those called to be part on the panel entitled “The Current Status and Perspectives for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in South America”.

Also, the CEO of Clipp Kradac, Bruno Valarezo, and Head of Agencies Sp Latam of Waze, Marcos Ordenes, will complete the discussion, to be moderated by the Foreign Direct Investment Specialist, Juan Carlos Meade.

The meeting will be held virtually on Wednesday, October 6, and will be inaugurated by the Minister of Transportation and Public Works of Ecuador, Marcelo Cabrera.

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