About Us

Latam Mobility was founded in 2016 to gather Business professionals from the Mobility & Transport sectors from Latin America. Latin America is the most urbanized region in the world according to UN-Habitat and the rate of urban population in the continent will reach 89% in 2050. The number of cities in the region has increased six times in 50 years but the urbanization process was intense and uncontrolled. More than 100 million residents in the region are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution and are wasting precious time every day in their cars, some governments are trying to fix that but changes take time. Cities have started to develop initiatives to organize public transportation systems based on buses, quicker and more economic to implement, while subway and streetcar systems are exceptions in some cities, often insufficient due to the passenger demand. On the other side, the private sector is developing many innovations from electric-vehicles, buses, bikes or car sharing Apps that will transform Latin America.

Our Team

equipo_0003_Capa 1

Rebeca González Camargo

equipo_0001_Capa 3

Diandra Ruiz Fernández

Sales Manager
equipo_0002_Capa 2

Yrina González Pinto

Business Developer

Vanessa Velasco Pérez

Business Developer

Strategic Advisors


Latam Mobility Summit has the following Strategic Advisors Ad-Honorem.


Jon Asin

Manager & Founder

BeePlanet Factory S.L.

Advisors_0008_Capa 2

Juan Carlos Meade

Automotive Industry Director


Advisors_0007_Capa 3

Alvaro Villasante

Vicepresidente Generación de Baja Emisión

Grupo Energía Bogotá

Advisors_0006_Capa 4

Guillaume Fouché

Business Manager LATAM and Eastern Canada

Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Advisors_0005_Capa 5

Lada Strelnikova

Lead Investment Manager

European Energy Efficiency Fund


Jorge A. Suárez

Electromobility Advisor

Volvo Bus North America

Advisors_0003_Capa 7

Ana Angel

Clean Energy and Transport Consultant


Advisors_0002_Capa 8

Jaime Ruiz Huescar

E-mobility Expert

Energy & Climate Change Agency of Murcia

Advisors_0001_Capa 9

Marcos Ordenes

Industry Manager

Waze Google

Advisors_0000_Capa 10

Nabil Malouli

VP DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation